iTeach International Language Center helps with your studying abroad.



iTeach offers the following choices of curriculum depending on the students current level and understanding of English and their purpose for learning, whether it be simply for conversation or a more targeted approach for use in business or say tourism.

Man to man class

Almost all classes at iTeach are man to man.
In order to quickly and reliably learn English conversation a student is asked to recite target words or phrases repeatedly and after the student gets to understand the meaning of the target words the teacher lets the student create real life original sentences using those words, this method allows the student to effectively master the use of the target words whilst having fun.
After class, at lunchtime and at dinner time is the perfect opportunity to put into practice what the student has learned throughout the day in fun conversations, even if the students make grammar mistakes the teacher can correct the mistake in a fun way. iTeach teachers will never correct the student in public in a disheartening or humiliating way as this is not the practice of ITeach.

Group Class

iTeach also offers an hour of group class together with the other students who shares the same goal. Having the same goal as the other students, learning is fun and motivational.
In a group class, the students get to learn from each other. Since each of them has their own way of understanding English, they can share and exchange information and improve together.
The good thing about group classes is that a student can compare his skills to other students. Even though the students are grouped according to level, their skills are still relatively different. With this difference, there will be a sense of motivation where the students think,” I don’t want to lose so I’ll work hard.” A competitive spirit is one factor in improving any skill including English skills.

TOEIC Preparation Course (optional)

This is an advanced course which will help a student acquire a high score in TOEIC.
Good English speaking skills are not enough to get a high score in this exam. It also requires other skills like listening, reading and writing. For this man to man preparation course, the teachers identify the student’s weakness and improve it. By taking this class, a high score in TOEIC is guaranteed.

Business Class (optional)

In business, the words used are completely different. Compared to general English, words like “company”, “funds” and “interest rates” are more frequently used in business English. Words that are identified as business words are lso used in the news especially about economy. Although such words are not usually used, they are very useful in terms of business. In the Business English course, the frequently used words in the business world are put together in chapters. In addition, the words are taught grammar wise and practical wise so the students can get used to using the words in certain situations.