iTeach International Language Center helps with your studying abroad.



イメージ写真1 Countries like the United States, The UK, Australia and Canada have been the mainstream destination for students looking for English language Centers abroad for many years. However, because of recent rapid globalization, studying abroad has also been diversified.
Did you know for those who want to learn English abroad the Philippines is quickly catching on? Yes! English spoken in the Philippines uses less slang and are more aware of the correct grammar rules than other English speaking countries in Asia. The Filipinos are also very friendly so the students can easily adapt and improve not only their language skills but also their social and cultural knowledge.


イメージ写真2 Compared to studying abroad in Europe or in other western countries, language centers in the Philippines are less expensive; in fact the budget required can be greatly reduced compared to other countries. In the Philippines you can eat in local restaurants, take the time to visit a few local bars without it costing too much, living cost and general expenses or even taking a vacation will not cost a fortune, even the tuition fee is cheap.


イメージ写真3 The Philippines is relatively close to Japan only four and a half hours flight time compared to ten or twelve hours it can take to travel to Australia or the US and with the time difference being only one hour jetlag should not be an issue. In addition to that, the Philippines is linked by direct flights to many major cities in Japan such as Narita, Chubu, Kansai and Fukouka.


イメージ写真4 It is most common in other countries such the UK and the US to have group lessons where one teacher may be expected to teach as many as 20-30 students. Japanese grammar is quite different to English so it can be difficult for some to keep up with a group class pace. Many Japanese are shy so they tend to rely on asking their classmates about a part they may not have understood rather than approaching the teacher directly. Language centers in the Philippines tend to use the man on man method where there is only one student being taught by one teacher every class, this way a student does not have to keep up with the pace of the group but learn in his or her own time. It has been proven that compared to group lessons, man to man classes allow a student to talk up to a hundred times more and therefore improving the student's English skills faster in a shorter period of time.


Many people think that the Philippines is a dangerous place but the fact is the Philippines has a lower crime rate when compared to the Western countries such as Canada or the US. iTeach is located in Angeles City which is a very safe place, it is well lit and the city is bright with abundant street lighting and is always crowded with tourists. When a student comes to the Philippines the iTeach Japanese staff will orientate them about the centers rules, the country's laws and the culture so that the student will know how to behave in the country. It can be arranged for the Japanese staff to pick them up or drop them off at the airport so if it’s the students first time in the Philippines they can study here with confidence and a feeling of security.


Philippine Language Center Industry has the lowest price
Quality classes in the Philippines are reasonably cheap
Students can also afford to apply
Splendid facilities
Center accommodation and facilities were all renewed in 2013.y
Lessons are given by experienced instructors
The iTeach teachers have to score 950 in the TOEIC exam to meet the center’s criteria for hiring teachers.
Aside from speaking at a native level, the teachers also have years of experience in teaching Japanese students.
Procedures fully provided
The Japanese staff will prepare and equip the students with the things they need to know when studying abroad. So all the student has to do is to focus on studying English.


iTeach is under Japanese management so the students are reassured the educational programs meet the Japanese standard. The management knows about the differences between the laws in Japan and in the Philippines that’s why we can support the students. Improve your English skills with us. We guarantee that you will be able to speak English in a short period of time.