iTeach International Language Center helps with your studying abroad.




Philippine Language Center Industry has the lowest price!

フィリピン留学業界最安値! One of the benefits of studying in the Philippines is its affordability. The monthly cost is about \200,000 in Europe and America compared to the monthly cost of \170,000 in the Philippines. Iteach provide the services for the amount of \80,000 which is less than half the market price, and that already includes hotel charges and food expenses. Iteach makes it convenient for everyone to study in the Philippines. There is no need for anyone to give up studying abroad only because of economic reasons! And even young students would be able to afford it.


Center accommodation and facilities were all renewed in 2013!

魅力的な設備! iTeach has many beautiful facilities. The center has a comfortable environment and cozy accommodation which is suitable for studying English. In addition, iTeach is located conveniently near restaurants, supermarkets, laundromats and cafes; all just within walking distance. There is a variety of food choices in the center such as Italian, Chinese, French, American, Japanese food, etc.


All the teachers have a native English level!

経験豊富な講師によるあなただけのレッスン! The center has its own teachers who were strictly selected by the Human Resource Department. The criteria for hiring teachers include high quality teaching skills, very good and pleasing personality and must have great people interaction skills. Iteach help students set and achieve goals by providing the fastest and most effective way of learning.


The Japanese staff will orient the students with the things they need to know when studying abroad!

手続き完全サポート! Contacting the center, arranging the proper documents needed and payments usually are done in english, and the Iteach Japanese staff is in charge of providing the information on all of the inquiries and any other procedures that people find complicated and bothersome. Since the staff is from the center, no fees are taken from the students for all these added services.