iTeach International Language Center helps with your studying abroad.



質問I do not have confidence and I’m not good at English, is it okay for me to study abroad?

答え No problem at all. Because iTeach is a man to man course center, everybody is taught according to level. There is also a Japanese staff that is always available for inquiries so please come with confidence.

質問When should I apply to this center?

答え It is better to apply 2-3 months before. It is also good to confirm you reservation at least a month before. Holiday seasons for college students are usually very busy so an early reservation is recommended. For short time notice applications, if you are arriving in a week for example, it will be decided by the availability of rooms.

質問Is it possible to only have a one week course?

答え Yes, it is possible. We accept students who want to take short term courses depending on the availability of the rooms. Please be reminded that a staying period of a week or less is charged as one week.

質問Is it possible to extend the study period while in center?

答え Extension of the study period can be extended on a weekly basis unless it exceeds the visa expiration date. The center will take care of the visa extension procedures.

質問How much do I need except for the cost of living?

答え Although there are individual differences, 10,000 yen to 30,000 yen a month is basic. Meal expenses, the electricity bill, etc. are included in the study cost, so you do not have to spend money except during weekends.

質問Can I use traveler's checks?

答え Since there is no place where it can be used almost in the Philippines, please prepare a credit card or cash card international travelers checks.

質問Is it safe??

答え Although it is not at safe as it is in Japan, security is not to be worried about especially at night. Angeles is a good place and is the safest in the Philippines The city has street lights in the roads. In addition, there are also a lot of universities around. Clark Special Economic Zone is an old Clark Air Force Base in the United States Army, the Philippine government actively seeks to attract a variety of industries. It is also a famous place for Japanese to study English. It is recently being developed. Golf courses, casino and luxury resorts are being built in it.

質問Can I drink and smoke in the center or in my room?

答え The iTeach center building, including the rooms is all non smoking areas. For those who want to smoke, we provided a separate smoking area. Yelling or speaking in a loud voice is not tolerated in the center so drinking is also discouraged.

質問Are the amenities provided?

答え Amenities such as toiletries, shampoo, etc. are not provided. You can buy them locally or bring them from Japan.

質問Are there any classes during public holidays?

答え iTeach respects the Philippine holidays. The list of holidays is provided in advance. In case of natural disasters or accidents like typhoon or fire, classes may be suspended. Please note that in case of class suspension, make up classes or refunds are given to the students.

質問Is it possible to extend the study period?

答え Yes, it’s possible. Extension of visa can be up to one year. The center will take care of all the procedures for the students.

質問How is the rainy season in the Philippines?

答え The rainy season in the Philippines is between June to November. The temperature is about 26-28 ℃. It can be hot during the day but since the center is cooler, it’s not a problem. Movie theaters and such are cold so bringing long sleeve shirts is good. During the rainy season, it rains almost everyday. You can buy an umbrella locally or bring your own.

質問Is there a specific time bracket for the pick up service?

答え Students coming from the Manila Airport can be picked up anytime. A Japanese staff will be there too. Send off service will vary depending on the students' flight schedule.

質問Do I have to be good at English to study abroad?

答え Before studying abroad, we recommend at least knowledge of basic grammar and vocabulary (about 1500 words). You can prepare by reviewing the basics and practicing again and again. Reading aloud in English is also useful. You can also listen to English words or conversation during your free time or while commuting. Since iTeach is an English-speaking place, it is recommended for the students to prepare beforehand.

質問What is the nationality ratio?

答え Japanese student ratio varies depending on the season. But on average, 30% of the students are Japanese while the other percentages are Chinese, Korean and others, commonly from Asia.

質問Is it possible for a minor to study abroad?

答え For students under the age of 15 who wish to travel to the Philippines without an adult, you have to go to the Philippine Embassy in Japan. For more information, please visit the Philippine Embassy website.