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Manager:Shamlan Sampang
Diploma holder of Business Management
City of London Business College

Registered Nurse (Professional Regulatory Commission)
IELTS passer:Listening 7.0, Reading 7.5, Writing 7.5, Speaking 7.0, Overall band score 7.5

I became a teacher 5 years ago after a career in Healthcare which took me over the world for 10 years.
I enjoy the interaction with my students.
The job is challenging and extremely rewarding.
At iTeach, I work with a great team of colleagues from all the different departments.
There is a positive attitude and we all try to help each other.
I enjoy the fact that each day is different and that I come into contact with international students from different parts of the world.

Missy Mejia
Hi, nice to meet you! My name is Missy!
I'm a Graduate of Bachelor Of Science in Information Technology for four years.
I've been teaching English for 3 years and it couldn't be more interesting to be part of every student learning here at iTeach. I would love to share my creative ideas and experiences to help your abilities and enjoy your learning journey and I guess this is what makes my online classes more efficient and interesting.
I believe that learning should be an exciting and enjoyable process. When you are learning, you are actually creating a new and better self! Amazing isn't it?
So if you like enjoying while learning, well we have developed some practical methods here at iTeach that will help a learner like you to improve and develop your English skills!
I'm really looking forward to sharing and learning with you!
See you!

Keenah Carmelo
My name is Keenah.
I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications major in Advertising and Public Relations that’s why I am very much interested in ads.
I think there is more to learn about advertisements than just selling stuff.
There are also lessons there about life and believe it or not, English.
Even though I am mostly strict in class, I often throw jokes to keep my students from dozing off or share some points that might be useful.
I have been teaching English for four years and I have encountered students from the elementary level to the advanced.
For me, whether advanced or beginner, the extent of learning depends on how much a student wants to learn.

Ruth Cunanan
Hi! Welcome to iTeach.
Jolly? That's the best adjective to describe me.
My name is Ruth. I graduated in 2011 with a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science.
I've been teaching English to different nationalities such as Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese and Japanese online and as a classroom ESL teacher for more than 5 years now.
Well, I can say that learning English must be fun. For me, teaching is more than a profession; it is my passion.
The beauty of nurturing a young mind which is like a blank slate and molding it into something much fuller is priceless, and teaching I believe, is the only profession that enables this.
I specialize in enhancing and applying your vocabularies in real life situations and practicing your casual up to your professional conversational skills.
So if you want to study something like TOEIC, IELTS and so on, you can always take my class. Let’s learn and have fun while learning! See you!

Erica Maneje
I believe it’s critical to find out how each student learns best, and what they hope to achieve as a speaker.
With those two things in mind, the objective is to share the joy of being able to express yourself through speaking English.
Hello there! Welcome to iTeach! I’m Erica. I took up Bachelor of Science in Information Technology for 2 years.
Teaching English was my first job and of course it was tough, but it has become my passion.
Now I've been doing this for almost three years and still enjoying it.
I’ve been teaching different nationalities such as Korean, Chinese and Japanese for Man-to-Man and Online Classes.
As a teacher, while I’m teaching, I’m also learning.
Every time I’m seeing my students improving, it gives me satisfaction and motivation to give more my best.
Let’s learn and have fun while learning here in iTeach!

Joy Villanueva
Hello folks! What`s up? By the way I`m happy to welcome you here at iTeach.
You can call me Joi for short and as what my name says, I`m full of joy.
I`m a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management.
I chose to teach English because I do believe that knowledge is power.
I also believe that learning is a two-way process, as I teach I also learn.
I usually teach Callan Method. Callan is very useful when it comes to learning English.
You can learn new vocabularies and use them in sentences and real-life situations.
For me, English has been a necessity. As you can see, people everywhere are now using English for their daily conversations.
So guys, I`m inviting you all to check out our website.
Learn Real English at iTeach."English is fun". I`m looking forward to seeing you guys in my class soon!